§ 404 Toll agreements The Corps now imposes a provision of its administrative appeal procedure for the regulatory programme put in place on 28 March 2000 (33 C.F.R.§ 320, 326 and 331). In administrative and enforcement proceedings, the rules require that no appeal be brought against a decision of authorized jurisdiction in connection with an unauthorized activity or an application for authorization a posteriori, unless the applicant has granted the district engineer a signed limitation agreement for the limitation period (33 C.F.R.§ 326.3 (v)). The toll agreement temporarily suspends the expiry of the limitation period for the application of the law on the alleged infringement by the Corps. The agreement also limits the transfer of goods without notice to the body and provides the opportunity for opposition from the body. An applicant may choose to participate in the development of a toll contract in order to ensure the protection of its interests. In addition, in the context of an unauthorized activity or a request for authorization a posteriori, the recipient of an authorized DJ must also recall this agreement in memory of the limitation period by signing an agreement at night, in exchange for the acceptance of the request for authorization a posteriori by the Corps and / or an administrative appeal. This agreement provides that the responsible party is introduced in exchange for the acceptance of an application for authorization a posteriori by the Corps and/or an administrative law that accepts the complaint related to the unauthorized activity that the limitation period is suspended until one year after the final decision of the Corps on the application for authorization a posteriori (i.e.: ) or when an administrative right is introduced. one year after the Corps` final decision, in accordance with 33 CFR 331.10, whichever is later. .

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