Silicon Valley venture capitalist Marc Andreesson once wrote that « software eats the world. » This statement describes not only the new technologies, but also the legal and policy framework they enable. If the license terms are allowed to control how we use the digital goods we have purchased, they may devour notions of ownership and personal property. How did we enter a world where device manufacturers can dictate how we use the products we buy and reasonably think we own? Beginning in the 1980s, software companies began routinely attaching end-user licensing agreements to their programs, with much opposition from supervisory authorities or the courts. Since then, the ITAs have expanded both in length and ubiquity. Today, these catch-all documents are flooded with thousands of words from lawyers who try to minimize corporate liability and limit consumer rights. In addition, ITAs are no longer limited to stand-alone software products. Our phones, watches, televisions and even our vehicles come with complex conditions of licence. From a licensing perspective, Tesla`s practice raises a number of interesting questions and points out that we will soon have to get used to a totally different buying and selling procedure. My research focused primarily on Tesla`s EAP and FSD systems: I was just wondering if the software`s end-user licensing agreements clearly posed such problems.

At the time, the system first led me against the wall. On the provider`s website, I only found a link to the initial availability of the open source licenses used and only the price and user manual for the paid software. During further research, I wrote to Tesla on February 11 that I wanted to request an EAP and FSD software end-user license agreement that the distributor was willing to respond to, my email was received, and they would respond within 24 hours. This is where the system led me to the wall for the second time: since then, I have been waiting for the answer. IMPORTANT NOTE – READ CAREFULLY: This license for Customer`s use of NVIDIA Software (« LICENSE ») is the agreement that governs the use of NVIDIA Corporation and its subsidiaries (« NVIDIA ») software that may be downloaded, including computer software and associated printed materials (« SOFTWARE »). By downloading, installing, copying or using the software, you agree to the terms of this license. If you do not agree to the terms of this license, do not download the software. Using NVIDIA products requires three things: software, hardware on a graphics contlatin card, and a PC. The SOFTWARE is protected by copyright laws and international copyright conventions as well as other intellectual property laws and contracts. The SOFTWARE is not sold, but only under license to use, strictly in accordance with this document. The material is protected and sold by various patents, but this license does not cover this sale, as it does not necessarily have to be sold as a package with the SOFTWARE.

This license sets only the terms of the software license….