What should I do if I can`t connect to my roommate? This is where we head to a roommate`s territory. In the first place, you always confront – I know what you think when you see that dreadful word – your roommate before your frustrations escalate too much. It`s always unpleasant to talk to someone about a problem, especially when you live with them. But here`s the secret: confrontation is not necessarily uncivilized! Even if you have a cold shoulder after a month or something like that, it may be that your roommate is not looking to be best friends. That is what happens. Don`t think about it too much. In this case, it is best to be kind, but respectful of your limits. It`s completely normal not to be close to the people you live with as long as you get along. If your roommate refuses to quarantine, host parties, or go to bars, report it to your resident advisor. While I do not normally advocate for things to be done at the administrative level, we have a duty to keep our community safe, especially for high-risk groups such as the elderly and the immunocompromised. You might run into this problem if you decide (courageously) to leave by chance. Don`t get angry, all hope is not yet lost. Maybe your roommate is adjusting to the new environment or he`s a little shy.

In this case, it is better to give them some space, while leaving the invitation open so that they can accompany them on an excursion, for example. B a hike or just cook together. The best way to combat this problem is to find out if the problem arises in a dormitory or in a common area. In dormitories, the « half » philosophy is the right way. You stay on your side and they stick to them. This way, your mess won`t seep into your room. If there are common areas, the best way to approach the situation is to distribute tasks fairly. If your roommate doesn`t stick to their side of the deal, remind them politely, rather than passively aggressively cleaning everything up themselves to set the right precedent. Approach them in a calm and friendly way.

Put them on and tell them you`re not cool to share things, at least not without them asking first. If they apologize, it`s over! Unfortunately, your roommate might be defensive and deny that they are using your stuff. In this case, it is time to invest in a castle. Confronting your roommate with your concerns can be difficult and stressful, but remember that developing healthy resolution skills will come in handy in the long run. I hope you don`t encounter too many of these roommate situations, but if you do, remember these tips and make a brief prayer to the deities of the roommates! These are unfortunate times for many in the Emory community, but we can all play our part by following government health guidelines. This means wearing masks, keeping them six feet away and putting them in quarantine. If it`s not clear, it doesn`t mean parties! While I hope my readers follow these rules, maybe the same won`t be said for your roommates. What should I do if my roommate lends my belongings without asking me? While it`s always best to try to be in agreement with a roommate with similar cleanliness preferences, it`s often out of your control. However, with a little patience and a heart-to-heart conversation, you won`t be stuck all year round with cleaning tasks, even with a sloppy roommate. What should I do if my roommate doesn`t have quarantine or social distancing? They must ensure that all registration forms as well as the residency forms below are completed. Today, more than 80% of Emory & Henry College students live on campus. It would not be a university without forms to fill out.

Be sure to file all forms no later than December 1 for the spring return or before July 1 for the fall application.. . . .