In accordance with the requirements of the NIJ in point 22.25, the IP must, at the end of a research or statistical project, process the data in short of a person as described in the data protection certification. In general, autonomy means that each person must be given the respect, time and opportunity to make their own decisions. Potential participants should be provided with the information they need to decide whether or not to participate in a study. They should not be pushed to participate. Similarly, there should be no unrealistic incentive to participate in a study. The notion of justice can be called into question if we try to decide who gets an opportunity to participate and who is excluded (and for what reason). Are some classes or people simply selected for their availability, compromised position or maneuverability, while others are not? Participants should be specifically informed if, due to the sample size or clarity of a participant, it is not possible to assume that the results completely conceal a person`s identity. Researchers who are not members of the board must obtain the participant`s signed agreement before launching the research. Written consent documents may be omitted if the researcher can demonstrate that the only link to the identity of the individual is the informed consent statement or that there is a significantly greater risk to the participant when the statement is signed. Researchers who are board staff must comply with the requirements of Sections 512.16 (b) and 512.16 (c). Researchers who wish to disclose information from NIJ-funded research must obtain the written consent of each potential participant before participating in the research.

The consent form must include the information that is disclosed, the circumstances of the disclosure and the persons to be disclosed; and must describe the risks that could result from disclosure. If information is obtained by field observation of each activity or activity and according to the evaluation of the research participant, notification is impractical or may seriously impede the progress of the research, notification of participants may not be necessary.