Accreditation is used all over the world. In most developed economies, there is a body similar to the UK accreditation service. UKAS is a signatory to The European and International Accreditation Agreements in that country to facilitate the removal of technical barriers to trade. This recognition allows the government to use accredited organizations to meet obligations arising from international trade agreements, such as. B that compliance with EU directives and the WTO (World Trade Organization) OTC agreement. Fitz Scientific is a Uk Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited laboratory for a number of monitoring methods and laboratory tests. The UKAS is similar to INAB in that they are both accreditation bodies that have signed the European Accreditation Cooperation Multilateral Cooperation Agreement (EA) for the trials. Edition 2 of the UKAS Agreement (February 2016) is now available on the UKAS website ( and can be downloaded here. In addition, the site also contains a comparative table that summarizes the main changes between problem 1 and edition 2.

Customers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the obligations of this new agreement and to ensure that a copy signed by a duly authorized representative of the Organization is returned by mail or email to UKAS by June 1, 2016. Both UKAS and INAB have signed the Multilateral Agreement (EA-GWA), which is an agreement signed between full-fledged EA members. This means that signatories recognize and accept the equivalence of member-managed accreditation systems. Since then, additional guidelines have been developed by bodies of which UKAS is a member and which promote universal recognition of accredited reports and certificates under mutual recognition agreements, namely European Accreditation Cooperation (EA), the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) and International Cooperation in Laboratory Accreditation (ILAC). In order to remain a signatory to these mutual recognition agreements, UKAS must respect the introduction and amendments of these directives, some of which include obligations that must be incorporated into the UKAS agreement. As a result, UKAS has revised the existing UKAS agreement with the aim of fully complying with the mandatory requirements and consolidating the agreement and complement into a single document. If your certificate comes from an organization that has signed one of the above multilateral agreements, the certificate you have is considered equivalent to a certificate issued by a UKAS accredited body and the certificate should be recognized in countries where national accreditation bodies have signed the multilateral agreements of the EA, IAF and ILAC.