The amount payable by DSS for the sales units is $50 million. [BENGALURU] Australian shares fell on Tuesday, when heavyweight miners feared a bigger… BIOTECHNOLOGY company Moderna confirmed on Monday a delivery agreement with the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) for… Approximately $3.1 million is paid by the issuance of 14.5 million new DSS shares, or approximately 18.93 per cent of DSS`s total capital issued and released on an expanded basis. The buyer intends to exchange 100% shares with the company, In accordance with Article 29 of the Taiwan Mergers and Acquisitions Act (the « M-A Act »), the purchaser appoints a wholly-stated subsidiary to acquire 100% of the company`s issued and outstanding shares (the « shares »), as described here in the directive and under the conditions and conditions outlined in it (the « share swap »). , shares are decoded by the TSE after the date of the share exchange, and after the date of the share exchange dataset, the entity`s public declaration status is removed; THIS SHARE SWAP ACCORD (this « agreement ») will be concluded in June. 03, 2016 from and between Leo Motors, Inc., a Nevada-based company, United States, headquartered at 3887 Pacific Street, Las Vegas, Nevada (« LEOM »), and Kim Yun Ho (« KIM »), who is a wholly shareholder of Lelcon Co. (`LELC`), Ltd., with addresses 10-10 Munwhabokji Gil, Yangpyung Eup, Yangpy Gunung, Kygi Do, Korea. After issuing 13,896,069 shares of Impact BioMedical to Global BioMedical in payment for sums due to Global BioMedical, the sale now includes 13,897,069 shares in Impact BioMedical. In a statement from the stock exchange on Monday, Singapore eDevelopment found that there was no certainty or assurance that the proposed share exchange would be concluded.

As part of the agreement, Singapore eDevelopment sells 100 percent of its Impact BioMedical subsidiary to DSS in exchange for DSS shares. One of the most important conditions for concluding the agreement is the receipt by DSS and dSS and Singapore eDevelopment of the audited finances of Impact BioMedical, which obtain the approvals of their respective shareholders. THIS SWAP SHARE ACCORD (this « agreement ») is entered into by and under GDS Holdings Limited, a company under the laws of the Cayman Islands (« GDSS »), EDC Holding Limited, a company governed by the laws of the Cayman Islands (« GDSI ») and each of the companies, several entities and not jointly incorporated, whose name is listed on the GDSI shareholders` appendix , 2014. After the reorganization, Maxclean Cayman became the holding company of the group and the group structure was presented as indicated in Schedule 3. Singapore eDevelopment is primarily active in real estate development and investments, mainly in the United States and Western Australia; Information technology companies the development, research, review, manufacturing, licensing and distribution of biomedical products; investment activities.