Owner: An owner who, through a lease or lease, promises to lease all or part of the property to another person (a « Tenant ») for their exclusive use – usually for a certain period of time and for an agreed sum of money. Rent: The payment of a certain amount of money for the right to exclusive enjoyment of a residential property, usually through regular (i.e. monthly) payments. A lease or lease must specify the amount of rent and when and how to pay the rent. Tenant: A person who has been granted the right to use and occupy rental properties owned by another person, usually through a lease or lease. The tenant`s right to exclusive enjoyment of the property is usually granted for an agreed sum of money and is limited to a set period of time (usually specified in the lease). Task: The behavior of a tenant who shows his intention to renounce the right to stay in the rental property without the permission or consent of the owner. For example, if the tenant hires a moving company, removes all of their personal belongings from the rental unit and has not been seen on the premises for two weeks, they may have left the rental property. Furnishings: In the context of renting an apartment, a device is the personal property of the tenant, but becomes an integral part of the rental property, so removal would be impossible or impractical. For example, the installation of custom double-voltage windows by a tenant would be subject to a device. Usually, an establishment remains in the rental property after the termination of the lease or lease, although landlords and tenants may agree on some form of compensation.

6. Repairs and maintenance. Your best defense against rent retention issues and other issues (especially when it comes to deposits) is to clearly state your and the tenant`s responsibilities for repair and maintenance in your lease or lease, including: « Ownership »: A lease or lease must provide a complete description of the property for rent. This description must include the address, city, state, and zip code. It should also include the number of square feet in the room and the means by which square footage is measured. .