« Miss please come in, » Abigail said with a smile. Imagine Serena`s plates, with my eyes still trying to look at the numbers shown towards the clock and I screamed, then I threw away my blanket with a mist, immediately stood out from the bed, and then I entered the bathroom with a tremor. When I`m done, I shower my closet, I take my original clothes, because today I`m going to have a meeting with the head of my department. « Aunt, I miss you, » I hugged me very tightly. I am just an administrative employee at a well-known company in New York. I am so grateful to be able to join this company because I have to go on with my life and for a high salary for my living expenses and pay for my apartment every month. I`m in New York and I live alone. Meanwhile, both parents and my sister are in Saugerties, this city is a city located about 2,248 km northeast of the central United States, it will become one of the most suitable to attract tourists to take a vacation. When I get home to my parents, I will definitely ride a bike there. For the price itself, I set Rp.20,000 (by bank transfer) « Hello Axel not to see for a long time! » I stroked her hair and touched Axel`s nose. « uh, Serena », the frugality and the call made me distract Hello everyone ~ as I had promised, I brought PDF After Story of Hearts Agreement with all the ideas available with all the compulsion I took the file and then delivered it to the vacuum cleaner.

I wonder why he should always threaten if he does not obey his orders? Rich men always threatened him. I was in front of Ello`s room and I was in front of his secretary. In a way, I missed the boy. The nice adorable little boy, and the boy was as handsome as his father, I had to admit it. Even if it`s his father. I climbed into the elevator right away, when the ID card was in my hand. When the elevator brought me to my workplace at lightning speed, I went straight to the room where the meeting took place with the file I had just taken from my office. I laughed at this boy`s behavior. What is taste? Yes, the child I am carrying is Axel. The boy I missed.

I don`t know why I fell in love with him when I first saw this child. Not because he is the son of my CEO, but only because my heart loves this child. It really fell into my eyes, and Axel seemed to appreciate it too. I could feel it when he smiled at me and he was kind and kind to me. Ah, I want to have children, my son will be funny and handsome like Axel. I would marry Edward later. Like the image above, it`s a cover of the Heart`s Agreement « After Story » PDF with a 119-page page « I`m Serena records want to deliver files, » I said categorically….