If you leave your HMO in the room, you will not need EPC. If you are renting the entire house on a lease, you must provide a copy of the EPC to the tenants before moving in. In this guide, we`ll look at what you need to include in your HMO rental agreement and the different rental options available to HMO owners. As already said, the rental agreement should specify who is responsible for which invoices, such as. B electricity, gas, municipal tax, etc. As a rule, in colocation situations, the landlord takes care of all the bills and takes them into account when setting the rent. In my experience, most HMO tenants and owners prefer this. This is the easiest way to manage invoices. There are generally two common ways to implement HMO property leases: by using individual contracts for each tenant or by using a single « jointly and severally liable » contract. Most landlords prefer a separate lease with each tenant. BHMO Knowledge Center: What should you include? Landlords can sign an individual contract with each tenant or sign a joint lease with the group. The lease should mention what is the case.

You can offer services such as cleaning or gardening as part of your agreement with the tenants. Beware that if you have an AST agreement, it means that the tenants have exclusive ownership of either their room or the entire property, and you must evict it in advance 24 hours before the services are performed. Exclusive rental / separate rental: HMOs, consisting of adults who do not normally know each other and do not wish to take on responsibilities for other tenants, usually receive separate ASTs (sae) for each room. Each tenant is responsible for himself, that is, he pays his own rent and the behavior of other tenants has no influence on his lease. If a tenant does not pay rent or is late, the remaining tenants are not required to cover the deficit. This requires more administrative work, as each premises should have its own individual lease and each depot should be protected individually if one of them is taken. Depending on the landlord, a pause clause may be written into a rental agreement that allows the lessor or tenant to « break » the rental agreement prematurely and without penalties….