Not so long ago, it was possible to deal with it with a common table for the whole club, in which the usual clauses were noted and the situation of each player was always well known. But the inclusion of all these variables and clauses in players` contracts, which in turn evolve with the outcome of each match, requires a team to perform manual tracking that can last endless hours and where it is easy to make mistakes. If one of the players reaches a certain number of minutes or games played, a certain number of goals or another variable contained in their contract, the new Director11 module will validate this immediately and send a warning to the specified users. The management of clauses in football players` contracts will never be the same again. Do you want to know how our contract management module works? Don`t hesitate and book a free demo with our team of experts who will help you further digitize your football club. Not so long ago, professional football contracts were not so different from those of workers in any other sector. But that has changed, as has everything around football. The way the game itself is understood and played has changed. The tools have changed, with technology being the main player. The way we communicate what is happening on and next to the field has changed. The management of the areas that make up a football club has become more complex and requires an increasingly strong specialization. And the management of clauses in football contracts could not be different.

This counts not only the number of matches played, but also the number of minutes played or for which club team the player plays. Consideration is given to whether the player was a starter or not. If the team won in the matches in which it participated. If these games are held in national, continental or intercontinental competition. They also take into account the number of goals, models, penalties, fouls, yellow or red cards. All this, the variables of the result, the classification or the consequences of certain acts. These clauses in footballers` contracts also take into account actions that are much more subjective and not as statistical as the image that each football player reflects and the impact of this image on the club`s own image. Weight, diet, daily discipline in training, off-field behavior and even attitude towards fans. Not so long ago, a player`s contract consisted of no more than four pages. Today, however, such a treaty can be extremely long. There are endless clauses in footballers` contracts that sometimes vary the player`s salary, others are payments to one or more representatives, and others can, among other things, influence future contract extensions.

And all this naturally has an impact on the planning of the association. With this type of clause in footballers` contracts, the complexity of monitoring increases both for the financial department and for the finance department and sports management. For these departments, it is important to visualize at all times the exact situation of the association and to create different scenarios allowing them to make the best decisions for each season in compliance with Financial Fair Play. This site is intended for self-training purposes only. Nothing on this site should be construed as legal advice or recommendation. In addition, the content of this site may be outdated and erroneous. Always consult an experienced lawyer, especially before making a deal! India Contract | Canada Lease &Tenancy | Talent Agency Contracts | Ooreenkoms Kontrak – South Africa Agreement | | partnership contracts for hospital management agreements | SaaS agreements | Software | Contracts Pennsylvania | Agreement Template Pre-| Model | for agreements with Australia| Divorce from India Model contract | India Free Lease & Rental Contracts | India Free Lease Agreement Model | Indian Contract Act replacement contracts should be submitted to the FA through the Intermediation Management System (IMS). .

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